With the opening of the former school garden on Dammweg by Berlin Mondiale / Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln, a "new" (green) space has been created for the general public (in the meantime), which is the neighborhood has not been available in this form until now.

The use of public space shared by society should also meet the needs of residents and be collectively negotiated in a participatory manner. With the Freiraumlabor we want to contribute as a local Neukölln initiative to the exploration and documentation of this process on site. The Freiraumlabor therefore deals in principle with questions of cultural and social participation in green spaces and accessibility to experiences of nature. Furthermore, we see green spaces in general, and the old school garden with its history in particular, as a very suitable learning and research laboratory for questions of democratic and sustainable urban development.

A multisensory library was created as the heart of the lab, serving as a place for project development, archive and documentation space of the experiences and projects taking place in the Freiraumlabor. The exploration and artistic engagement with the garden becomes a projection space for cultural ecological processes and co-habitation. With the help of a botanist and various workshop leaders in the fields of art, culture, environment and construction, a diverse, low-threshold program will be developed.

Team: Philine Schneider, Verena Liebel, Amanda Robledo, Antonia Venter

In cooperation with: Berlin Mondiale, kulturnetzwerk neukölln, Thikwa Werkstatt für Teather und Kunst,
ROSA Architekten

more info on Instagram: @freiraumlabor

Dammweg 216, 12057 Berlin