ZK/U Berlin combines global discourses with local proposals for action. It investigates the multi-layered dynamics of urban spaces at the interface of art, research and the surrounding everyday life and develops experimental formats and projects with model character.

ZK/U initiates new forms of space production, triggers community processes, and makes the knowledge and insights gained accessible. In 2012, ZK/U started in the former freight station with studio apartments and project spaces for artists, urban researchers and other active people. In a 2nd expansion phase, the public areas of the ZK/U will be extended and an ‘Urban Stage’ visible from afar will be created, as a place for spatial, architectural and artistic experiments. The ZK/U provides connections to other urban practitioners worldwide e.g. with actors from the eastern partnerships -. www.cet-ka.net – or citymakers worldwide – www.citytoolbox.net

In 2022, ZK/U was carrying formats and experiments to Kassel and back as part of Documenta15.

Siemensstraße 27, 10551 Berlin