Public Launch “Art Doc Archive”

Reclaim Your Archive!

Most Urbane Praxis projects are funded by grants and thus follow a “project logic” – everything that the initiative members, the association or the collective do amounts to a result within a certain period of time (workshop, exhibition, events…).
A web presence that documents the project and makes it visible is now almost a matter of course. As soon as the project period is over, the question arises: What happens to these pages? How long will the actors continue to operate them?

On 08.05. „Art Doc Archive“ will be launched. “Art Doc Archive” consists of open source prototypes for archiving and visualization of websites and socia media feeds, which was developed community based in the first phase with the data of Berlin artists and cultural workers. Come by!

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Sponsored by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe in Berlin and in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin and Urbane Praxis e.V.