MOBILE FM in the “Lobby”

An evening of music and conversations about protest and aesthetics with MOBILE FM

Two pictures of female DJs performing at the mobile radio

MOBILE FM is the outdoor frequency of THF Radio and Torhaus Berlin e.V.
On air and on wheels the station will travel to four different locations in the next two weeks and explore the city through radio making.
On 4 November, MOBILE FM will be performing in the “Lobby”! From 4 p.m. there will be music by kombuesen_paula, Ken Okuda & D’Monk und Acid Finky geben.
Besides, Tomma Suki will talk with Silvia Gioberti (Guerrilla Architects), Rebecca Wall (Projektbüro Urbane Praxis) and Nancy Naser-Al-Deen about protest and aesthetics.

This is the programme:
4-6 p.m. kombuesen_paula dj
6-7 p.m. Aesthetics of protest: Talk with Silvia Gioberti, Rebecca Wall, Nancy Naser-Al-Deen & Tomma Suki
7-9 p.m. Ken Okuda & D’Monk dj
9-11 p.m. Acid Finky dj