Collage of images: Top left, three people looking at the exhibits in the ÜBER Urbane Praxis exhibition; bottom left, Joseph Jelemani represents the sycamore maple in the first session of the Parliament of Organisms in Berlin; top right, an illustration of a building with solar panels on the left and plants on the right; bottom right, the logo of Er(be)leben and of the exhibition [SM]art Cities

Tuesday-bar with special programme

ÜBER Urbane Praxis (ABOUT Urban Praxis), Transformation Haus und Feld (Transformation House and Field), Organismendemokratie (Organisms Democracy) and [SM]art Cities by Er(be)leben introduce themselves

Three practitioners in front of the "Lobby" at Alexanderplatz

The “Lobby”

The “Lobby” is the permanent representation of Urban Praxis at Alex – opposite the red town hall