Kunstfelsen But should we own the City? / RESIDENCY

KUNSTFELSEN kunstfelsen.arch@gmail.com instagram.com deutsch, englisch Mehringdamm 20, 10961 Berlin
We do not live alone in our buildings.
Kunstfelsen Residency

Paved ground, signage from parking lot LPG organic supermarket, barrier-free access, no ground guidance systems.

Public Transport:
U6, U7: To UMehringdamm stop (from here 260m on foot) Follow signs from LPG Biosupermarkt parking lot
Bus lines 140, M19, N6, N7, N42, U7: Get off at UMehringdamm (from here 260m on foot) Follow the signs from the LPG Biosupermarkt parking lot.

All exhibition formats in the form of texts and images are in easy/simple language. Main language German & English, Simple language

Yes (Accessible)

Light: Natural light
Loudness/quietness: Noise of traffic on Mehringdamm easily audible, retreats available throughout the area
Darkness: No, there is no event at darkness
Number of people: Few passers-by, estimated about 20 participants per event.

During the vernissage with expert presentations there will be a bar on a donation basis. No food.

Families with children are included in our weekend workshop formats and are expressly welcome.

Yes there will be an awareness person present.
We wish to treat each other with consideration and solidarity. All information about the awareness concept can be found here https://www.urbanepraxis.berlin/awareness/
You can reach our awareness team of the practice week at the operating times under: +49 157 53 55 41 96 and on site at Mehringpl

In Germany alone, tens of thousands of habitats of birds and bats are visited every year
buildings destroyed by renovations. In view of the worldwide extinction of species, we as architects see the responsibility to give wild animals a space in the city. Our “bird camera” installation provides unusual insights into the world of building breeders. Accompanied by a multifaceted program with lectures by experts and playful workshops
we want to discuss with you, residents & planners, the potential of our cities as habitats for everyone.


05.09. Opening with reading and specialist lectures

17:00 Vernissage Treffpunkt: Dragonaareal

18:30 Reading Book Kunstfelsen – Architekturen der Kohabitation und die Rolle der gebauten Umwelt im Erhalt urbaner Biodiversit├Ąt

18:30 1. Lecture with Imke Wardenburg, Department of Species Conservation in Buildings, NABU Berlin

19:15 2nd lecture with Thomas Hauck, Animal Aided Design, Berlin

08.09. Biodiversity walk with Rainer Altenkamp, board member NABU Berlin

5:00 p.m. meeting point: Hussitenstra├če 7 (duration approx. 1 hour)

09.09. Workshops & Participation

10:00-14:00 Meeting point: StadtWERKSTATT Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg/Adlerhalle, Dragonaareal.

1. Das Haus lebt! (Interactive, playful exploration of cohabitation on the building)

2. Participatory think tank

3. Paint birdhouses

10.09. Workshops & Participation

10:00-14:00 Meeting Point: StadtWERKSTATT Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg/Adlerhalle. Dragonaareal.

1. Das Haus lebt! (Interactive, playful exploration of cohabitation on the building)

2. Participatory think tank


Registration desired: kunstfelsen.arch@gmail.com

Event location:

StadtWERKSTATT Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg/Adlerhalle, Dragonaareal.

Organization/ Initiative:

KUNSTFELSEN works at the interface of architecture and species protection for the preservation of urban biodiversity. 150 species die out on earth every day and rural areas are no longer as rich in species as our cities. Could the protection of species on buildings take on a new meaning as a design concept for the 21st century?


The event is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, funded by the Berlin Project Fund Urban Practice and the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.