International Urbane praxis



UPON is a series of talks that reflects on urban practices from an inclusive, multilingual, context bound and feminist perspective. As a platform for reciprocal exchange and collective research about urban practices in an international context, UPON connects artists, urbanists and activists around the world. 

UPON feminist practices for climate justice (2023) focuses on (eco)feminist practices that enable the necessary and fair transformation of communities towards climate justice. Which strategies can we learn from initiatives taking action for the protection of urban ecosystems, regenerative community practices and gender-orientated resistance?

How can we develop social conducts that repel extractivist models in favour of caring patterns based on interspecific maintenance and interdependency?
The talks with Nashin Mahtani from Yayasan Peta Bencana (Jakarta) [EN] / Padmapani L. Perez former lead strategist for Creative Collaboration from Agam Agenda and former team Carissa Pobre, Maria Faciolince (Quezon City) [EN] / Geneviève Kinet, Leila Bensalem from Marais Wiels Moeras (Brussels) [FR] / Laura Viviana Cala Mejía from Somos Bosque (Bogotà) [ES] as well as the interactive movement practice with Martha Hincapié Charry (Berlin) [EN] present international practitioners working towards interconnected societies beyond consumption. 

The mini symposium took place on the 6th of September 2023 and was hosted at Floating University: a nature-culture learning site in Berlin Kreuzberg, run by the association Floating Berlin e.V.

UPON is curated and organised by Lorene Blanche Goesele (transformation architect and transdisciplinary artist) and Valeria Schwarz (artist, curator, art mediator and mother).The series of talks are part of the project “Verstetigung der Netzwerkstelle Urbane Praxis”, supported by the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing.

UPON feminist practices for climate justice:


UPON urban practices from other nooks:

Team 2023

Transcripts and editions: Lorene Blanche Goesele, Valeria Schwarz

Proofreading: Emily Hawkins, Haley More, Nawel Djaffar
Translations: Beverly Wico Siy, Richard Cochran, Sarra Braham, Putu

Minisymposium 06.09.2023 hosted at Floating University

PR: Lorene Blanche Goesele, Dana Schneider 

Team 2022

Editions: Lorene Blanche Goesele, Valeria Schwarz

Proofreadings: Emily Hawkins
Translations: Bruno Mattiussi, Daniel Izquierdo, OPAVIVARÁ!

PR: Lorene Blanche Goesele, Tomma Suki Hinrichsen
Graphic design: Stephanie Becker

UPON is supported by the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing as part of the expansion of the Netzwerkstelle Urbane Praxis, carried out by Urbane Praxis e.V.

Foto Titelbild: UPON 2023, Mini Symposium at Flaoting University © Raquel Gomez