General meeting – New year, new luck

New Year - New Happiness! A motto which the general meeting of Urbane Praxis e.V. has turned upside down.

Because what are our goals, what do we use to achieve our happiness for the association?
UP e.V. is a place of experimentation and a playground for new ideas?
UP e.V. is an administrative guideline in urban urban design?
UP e.V. acts as a door opener for unused places in Berlin?
UP e.V. promotes the discourse for a climate-friendly and social city?
UP e.V. makes politics and is planned with fixed funds in the budget of Berlin?
Which goals are still relevant, which need to be restructured, reconsidered or newly formed? What do we want to achieve, how do we want to achieve it, and most importantly, with whom do we want to achieve it?
Questions that we have worked on in a workshop and will accompany us on a path to a New Year and New Happiness!