The film: The “Lobby”

This short film shows essential moments and events of our work in the "Lobby".

Collage with two pictures and the post-it "The "Lobby" as a statement and experiment of Urban Praxis": One picture shows the "Lobby" from the inside. One can see a big green chair, a blue-green carpet, a kiosk, two display stands and a reception desk. In the second picture, a person is cutting the inaugural ribbon at the entrance of the "Lobby". Two people standing next to her clap. On the right is a person with a microphone watching.

Between expensive shops and tourist attractions Berlin Mitte there was once the “Lobby”.

The Initiative Urbane Praxis developed the “Lobby” as a central space for exchange, for arguing, for finding questions and answers, for forging plans, for negotiating, for appropriating, for trying things out.
The “Lobby” was the assertion and experiment of an interdepartmental structure of urban praxis designed for the long term
There, we made important experiences that influence our current work on the structural development of Urban Praxis.

Lorène B. Goesele (concept) and Raquel Gómez Delgado (camera and cut) made a short film that captures the most important moments and events of our work in the “Lobby”: from the opening to the first steps towards the foundation of the association, you can recall here (again or for the first time) the atmosphere and meaning of the “Lobby”.