Tuesday-bar with special programme

ÜBER Urbane Praxis (ABOUT Urban Praxis), Transformation Haus und Feld (Transformation House and Field), Organismendemokratie (Organisms Democracy) and [SM]art Cities by Er(be)leben introduce themselves

Collage of images: Top left, three people looking at the exhibits in the ÜBER Urbane Praxis exhibition; bottom left, Joseph Jelemani represents the sycamore maple in the first session of the Parliament of Organisms in Berlin; top right, an illustration of a building with solar panels on the left and plants on the right; bottom right, the logo of Er(be)leben and of the exhibition [SM]art Cities

During the Tuesday-bar on 30 November, four practictioners will have 10 minutes each to briefly and succintly introduce their collective, their association or their project. Afterwards, further discussions, closer exchange and getting to know each other can take place over a drink.

This is the schedule for the evening:
7 p.m. – First bar round with pub culinary thanks to Paula Erstmann
8 p.m. – Presentation of ÜBER Urbane Praxis (ABOUT Urban Praxis) – Nina Peters
8:10 p.m. – Presentation of Transformation Haus und Feld (Transformation House and Field) – Christhard »Otto« Landgraf
8:20 p.m. – Presentation of Organisms Democracy – Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck
8:30 p.m. – Presentation of (SM)Art Cities by Er(be)leben – Lorène Blanche Goesele
8:40 p.m. – Q&A
From 9 p.m. – Second bar round

We look forward to seeing you and to a lively exchange!

N.B. Please consider that 2G+ applies: bring your certificate of vaccination or recovery and an up-to-date negative test result.