Coffee klatsch Urban Praxis

Three appointments to to potter and glaze your own coffee cups for the "Lobby".

Post-it with KeramikTreff Rathausblock's logo and information about the coffee klatsch and an aerial view of a table, around which three people are making pottery

Urban Praxis means negotiating and shaping urban spaces and creating new futures together. To get into this collective action, the praxis builds on already accumulated experience and local knowledge. How can this knowledge be communicated, this experience shared? What is needed for this transfer? In addition to institutionalised knowledge spaces (libraries, archives, museums…) and classical knowledge carriers (books, texts, …), everyday encounters are often the situations in which the essential is conveyed.
The „Lobby“ as the permanent representation of Urban Praxis creates such a place of everyday encounter and exchange at Alexander Platz for two months. In addition to public events and networking meetings, knowledge is also exchanged over a morning coffee or tea.
KeramikTreff Rathausblock and CoCooN invite you to potter and glaze your own coffee cups for the “Lobby”: An espresso cup for the five-minute update, or the latte bowl for the spontaneous strategy meeting in the afternoon?

The cups are produced and inaugurated in three meetings:
18.10.2021 / 5-8 p.m.: Shaping the cups
08.11.2021 / 5-8 p.m.: glazing the cups
15.11.2021 / 3–5 p.m.: Coffee klatsch

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KeramikTreff in the model project Rathausblock Kreuzberg (Paula Erstmann and Rebecca Wall) is an informal, low-threshold place for exchange, neighbourliness and joint artistic activity. It is a democratic meeting place for action and participation, a laboratory for and by the residents and neighbours. In regular open tables, people come together in a place of cooperative, common good-oriented urban development and try out new forms of community in urban space.

CoCooN is a place for researching, testing and mediating the preservation of urban, collective and artistic practices, and at the same time a library and archive space at the Dragonerareal in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Together with actors from theory and practice, we initiate interdisciplinary research on the challenges of preserving contemporary cultural heritage practices and processes.